Frequently-Asked Questions

The Guides on the Help menu do not work
To ensure that the guides and tutorials work correctly, please make sure that both your default internet browser, and Internet Explorer, will allow popup windows (i.e., any popup-blocking utility is disabled). Also, playing the demonstrations requires that both Internet Explorer and your default browser have the Macromedia Flash player installed as a plugin. If the plugin is not installed, the program will seek to download and install it from the internet. If your PC is connected to the internet, this process will occur automatically. If your PC is not connected to the internet, or is blocked by a firewall, this may interfere with the playing of the guides.

'OK' buttons etc. are missing from ANOVA dialog box
There has been an odd problem reported with missing 'OK' buttons, scrollbars and borders of list boxes on the ANOVA set up dialog box. Plainly this results in the inability to complete an analysis. The problem is still being investigated, but may be caused by an outdated video driver (in this instance for the ATI Radeon HD5400 series graphics card). First thing to try is updating the video driver:

  1. Open the Control Panel, select 'System', then 'Device Manager'; in the list of devices
  2. Choose 'Display Adapters' and double-click on the device listed under that heading
  3. The resulting Properties dialog box has 4 tabs along the top; click the Driver tab and press the 'Update Driver' button. This will check the internet to see if a more recent driver is available, and if so, install it.
  4. Re-start the PC after installing.

If this fails to address the problem, please contact us to report it.

Further FAQs will be added to the site as they arrive, to build up a knowledge base of answers.
Meanwhile, if you have any queries or comments about QED Statistics, please contact Pisces.